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Growth Accelerator North Wales

The Growth Accelerator programme has been incredibly popular with businesses wishing to grow in England. With many business growth coaches helping to develop leadership, product development, management skills, marketing knowledge, access to funding and more the government figures go to show that it just WORKS.

The Growth Accelerator North Wales can help grow your business.

The program has helped raise over £100 million in external finance

Over 95% of businesses expected to grow as a result of Growth Accelerator.

90% of businesses said it helped bring new products and services to market.

Management teams have gained access to over £13 million in grants and match funding.

By identifying barriers of growth within your business and offering support through one of our specialist growth coaches, Desique can help you with the process from finding the right consultant, mentoring, training and access to finance.

The service exclusively targets high growth businesses who want to take their company to the next level. A great networking arena with other like minded businesses and growth coaches who have enormous amounts of Business experience. Our Growth Accelerator coaches are focused on business and marketing but each business receives a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

Accessing the right coach for your business in Wales through the growth accelerator programme is your first important step. We already work with growth accelerator coaches in Chester, Cheshire and Liverpool and have seen it work well for the businesses that take up the program. The program is being discussed for a possible roll out across Wales however if you feel that you’d like to discuss your business at this stage then get in touch today.

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