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The truth about branding

“The truth about Branding…”

Building a brand is not just about a logo.  A brand is about your customer’s emotive feelings and confidence in your business and it’s goods and services.

Brand reputation is vital to your business growth so the first thing to consider is to talk to your customers or if you are a start-up then your potential customers.  Have an honest response to your goods or services – see what they really like and dislike about your business.  Some business owners shy away from this type of feedback, but believe me criticism is always constructive no matter how big or small.

By addressing some simple issues, tightening up on communication or improving customer service will lead to customer satisfaction, these customers in turn become fantastic ambassadors themselves to your business ‘brand’.

“Genuine customer testimonials are the holly grail of business promotions…”

There still is nothing better than word of mouth promotion from a customer, in fact in today’s online world a comment can be incredibly far reaching through the likes of Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. A single comment can be instantly tweeted out by a satisfied customer to thousand’s of other people’s twitter feed – fantastic free advertising and more to the point ‘honest’.  Genuine customer testimonials are the holly grail of business promotions.

But that isn’t going to happen if you don’t nail your customer satisfaction.

The ideal time to re-fresh your brand’s image is once you have your feedback from your customers.  But it doesn’t quite end there. If you employ staff you may want to have their view of the business and it’s offerings.  Getting your people to feel great about the business they work for has an impressive knock on effect to your customers directly.

Once you are armed with this you can concentrate on your brand image.  Improving on some of your business practices and changing the way you operate slightly is a great time to improve the look and feel of your business.  It becomes part of the ‘new’ and ‘improved’ level of business that your customers can expect.

We’d be delighted to discuss with you some simple ways to engage with your customers and of course give you some ideas on branding or re-branding your company image.

I am the Founder of Desique Limited, an award winning Creative Design Agency based in Buckley, Flintshire, North Wales. My profile Visit me on Google+
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