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Work on your business from anywhere

Running a pure online business has it’s benefits.  The most obvious is the ‘work anywhere’ approach to running the business, from home, on holiday, kids half term, business travel and so on the online marketplace is 24/7, 365 days a year.  And’ if you’ve mastered the UK and you’re now pushing out into international markets you really can work from absolutely anywhere at anytime of day and night.

As I type this it’s Easter half term, the weather is impressively good for North Wales at this time of year, the kids are on the beach playing whilst I’m cracking on with client updates and web work.  It makes me wonder if all business owners should encourage their employees to ‘roam’ a little whilst they work.  I’m pretty sure it gives us a chance to combine business and pleasure and if the work gets done at the end of the day who cares where people are – right?

Stats have shown that by taking people out of their everyday work environments to somewhere different has an increase in not just productivity but encourages innovative ideas and business solutions.

Work on your business from anywhere…
If you are a small business and such work ethos can’t be achieved maybe due to the nature of the business be it retail, manufacturing or service based, maybe just once in a while it’s an idea to ‘go away’ to work on your business rather than work for your business.  A bit like a holiday but an emphasis on a work-life combo.

If you are in the initial stages and considering starting your own business it may be an idea to explore how tied-in to the office or work environment you may become.  If you can tailor your passion for your business topic with the new age ‘work anywhere’ attitude then the holly grail of work-life business ventures awaits.

A great example is an e-Commerce website.  You have great product, it’s all now in your database, you have great photographs of all your products and your descriptions are beautifully written.  You need traffic, more website visitors and need your website to convert your hard earned web visitors into sales or sales leads. By studying lead conversion techniques you can increase your sales numbers potentially by ten-fold at least.

Take some time to re-look at your online presence, look at your competitors and work out if they have any USP’s that you don’t have, look at how they move around your website by using some great free tools as google analytics and webmaster tools, ask for feedback on the user experience – you will be surprised how much great advice your customers are willing to share with you.  Put the effort into online and you will be rewarded.

I am the Founder of Desique Limited, an award winning Creative Design Agency based in Buckley, Flintshire, North Wales. My profile Visit me on Google+
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