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Branding – your company voice and reputation

If you are an established company you will already have a brand in one way or another. Your ‘brand’ is what your customer thinks about you.  Their feeling towards your company, loyalty, your customer service and values may already be captured in your existing brand identity (good or bad!).

So the key to re-branding is to retain and capture existing positives from your identity and take your company image and voice to a new level.  One that identifies closely with your customer audience. One that captures the essence of your company ethos and communicates it through new forms of  communication.

Sometimes a complete re-branding exercise can be scary to a company who has many loyal customers which is why some of the big corporate giants tweak their brand identity over time so as not to confuse their existing customers but to make sure the brand stays fresh for the present day.

A new branding exercise on the other hand is always an exciting proposition. If you are launching a business service or product into a B2B or B2C space you have an opportunity to firstly work out your target persona, gather market information and create a branding brief.  We can help you with this early key stage.  Once we understand your brand objectives we create initial creative brand concepts and visuals before progressing to a full identity and style guide.  Get this right and you will have the foundations for your business image and voice success.

We have created well known consumer and business brands across the UK and helped local businesses in Chester, Flintshire and Gwynedd launch their brand into busy retail markets.  Call our specialist branding team on 01244 544440 to discuss how we can help you.